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And The Winner Is…

Lilith Ravenwood-Goblin I was the only vote for James… 😥 But my computer is up and running, and ready to go… I cannot wait to start Lilith’s story off. Advertisements

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Gen 4 Heir Vote.

Generation 4 Heir Vote             Bradley Ravenwood Traits thus far. Heavy sleeper Loves the outdoors Bookworm Loner Bradley no longer needed to look out for his siblings because they seemed to be handling things rather … Continue reading

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214 Matthiola incana

My brothers are evil… well considering one of my brothers I guess I shouldn’t use the term evil. They spoiled me to death, but they also smothered me to death too. Again, I guess I should not say to death, … Continue reading

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213 Hyacinth

~James~ Bradley took Mama’s death harder than anyone, and I did my best to keep his pieces together. Between Lilith and me, we managed to keep him sane at least. Lilith was our cute little sister that Bradley watched over … Continue reading

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