208 Protea, King


Lauren’s’s Point of View



I have got to get something to eat, spending all night hunting down a scent that seemed to never exist was draining. The convenient store was packed today, I almost could not make it to the deli there were so many people.


The smell of ham and turkey made my mouth water. I started to tell the clerk what I wanted on my sandwich when a new and very familiar scent hit me like a blow to the gut.


My head whipped around in the direction of Belle’s scent and I started to hunt down the source. Once I found them I wanted to start mauling them, but I had to find Belle first.
I pulled out my cell and text Raze and Marquis to let them know what I was doing, and that if I didn’t let them know anything soon to search for the cell’s GPS signal.


The man went to the pond that we have been searching for clues at. Lauren almost cursed as the man put his hand into a hole in the ground, after grunting and wiggling a little there was a click. The rail’s floor; that we often wondered about; dropped and revealed stairs.



Once the man disappeared down the steps the floor came back up. I quickly ran over to the floor and sniffed the area… for a whole two seconds Belle’s scent was strong, then it vanished in the wind.


I pulled out my cell again and called Jasmine, “Hey, come quick and bring Elijah, I think I found your sister.”


















Belle’s Point of View



“Your move…” I waited for my new friend to tell me where they needed their chess piece moved to.


The voice was in my head, and that was okay; for now. I needed someone to talk to while I was here, and it seemed harmless. If anything it was almost like having a conscience, she was always keeping me from giving into Kraig’s hypnosis.


After talking to her for a while I decided to name her Gladdy because she kept me in high spirits. Some days I heard her, some days I didn’t the better news was that Kraig could not hear her. Today was different, she was with me from the moment I woke up… because today was the day we would set our plan into motion.



Kraig came in with the watermelons and apples I asked for, he was more than happy to run to the store to get me some. He opened the door then turned to close it; I rushed to him quickly hugging him and thanking him for the fruits before the door closed. His smile was almost intoxicating, but Gladdy kept reminding me of what I needed to do.


When I tried to grab for the watermelons he pulled away and said to me. “Here you take the apples. You should not be carrying such heavy things like watermelon.” He handed me the bag of apples and smiled when I took them with a little bounce and giggle.

Once he turned to head to the desk to set the watermelons down I smacked him as hard as I could up-side his head. The bag split open, apples and what was now applesauce went flying in all directions; and Kraig went down.



I have seen too many horror movies to even think about going to see if he was really out, I just turned and locked him in the room; then moved what all I could in front of the door… just in case he had the key or something.



I pushed in the code Gladdy told me in the door and raced out of the lab. Once I got to the top of the stairs we were at a loss. Neither one of us knew how to open the door to get out of here, or if there were, even more, doors like this one keeping us from getting free.


What if Kraig woke up, and had a key, his strength was enough to move those things when he had a failed attempt at children in the test tube, so why did we think it would help if they were in front of the door?



: Knock, Knock, Knock:


We got super excited, there was someone on the other side of the door.


: Knock, Knock:

I was saved, I had to knock back so they knew I was here.

: knock:

Belle, MOVE!!!‘ Gladdy was screaming at me, but I was afraid. What if they were not here to help us? ‘BELLE!!!


My arm jerked up and pounded frantically on the door, Gladdy has never been able to do that before. However here she was controlling one of my arms, beating on the door like she owned the thing. Once she realized it she stopped and I was in control again. We both stared at the arm like it had detached itself and walked away.


“Belle, is that you? Please, watcher let it be you.” There was a new voice, one that I almost remembered. One that was on the tip of Gladdy’s tongue (if she had one), but that I knew I knew. The voice called out again, “Belle!!! Belle if that’s you please answer me!”


Then it hit me, of course I knew that voice; I was raised with that voice. “Jasmine!!! Oh Watcher Jasmine, Help me! I don’t know when he will wake up or break free!” I stared to pound on the door again, frantic to get out and hug her again. My big sister was here to rescue me, and as that thought crossed my mind I felt a few tears trickle down my cheeks.


“Elijah is working on the lock right- Oh dear, Hun are you okay?” I listened to Jasmine’s heels race across the door.

“Hello? Please don’t leave me alone!” I almost started to panic, but another voice called out to me.


“Belle, It’s me Lauren… I promise someone will be here at all times until you’re out… Marquis, go help Elijah… Because you can be of some kind of use!”

“Lauren? I’m scared, I made it this far, I don’t want to go back into isolation.” My tears fell harder thinking about doing all this for nothing.

: Knock, Knock:


“Raze, How is it after so long I can still tell it’s you?” Wiping face with the back of my hand, I smiled a little at the thought of my mute protector with his ear pressed to the door.

: Knock:

“Please get me out of here, I wanna see everyone again.”

: Thump… Crash… Crack:


I jumped at the sounds coming from my old cell.

“Get me out of here, He’s awake!!!” Quickly I jumped up and started pounding on the door, and walls, and anything around the door that looked like it could open it. I was in such a state of panic that Gladdy was trying to take over so that one of us could remain calm.




“Hello… My… Pet!”


I froze, too afraid to turn to look at Kraig, or to attempt to run. Gladdy kicked and screamed inside my head, she wanted me to run or fight; but I knew that if I did either one of those things Kraig would hurt me. I had to think about the baby, I had to do what was safest for them.



“Kraig, I know how mad you must be… but for the safety of our child, I’ll surrender.”I wasn’t yelling, but I wasn’t quiet either. I knew that the werewolves out there could hear me, I only hoped they could help me.



Kraig looked up and frowned; there was a sound of claws digging like an animal was burrowing into the ground nearby. I hoped to Watcher that it was help on the way as Kraig took my arm in his iron grip and began walking me away from the door.










Protea, King means Daring.

(I’m sorry it took so long to get this one out, but finding the right way to set everything up for this post was a little harder than I thought. But I finished it, and am on my way right not to work on the next chapter as well.)






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