205 Statice

(This is a long chapter, with quite a bit going on in it… just thought I should warn you.)







Marquis let out a growl, “Back off leech” his teeth bared as he growled real low. Raze stepping to my other side glaring hard himself.


“Marquis that’s no way to behave! Werewolf or not!”


“Aw, if it makes the pup feel bigger than I shall smile and let him insult me and my fellow creatures of the night… On the condition that you speak with me, without your strays to provoke me.” His red eyes flicked towards Raze and Marquis, a smile creeping its way onto his lips.


Raze’s lips curled and an odd noise escaped him; I’m sure it was supposed to be a growl, but for some reason, it didn’t come out that way.



“Oh, lookie there, you can make a noise. I thought you weren’t allowed to at all or is it because you care for her so much that you escaped those boundaries.” The vampire’s laugh was chilling, “Worry not, silent one, I will not harm her, she has been too kind a pen pal while I was alone. ”


“Kraig… oh my go- Kraig Parker… what are you doing here, I thought that you were in Twin Brook!” I excitedly took Kraig’s hand reaching over Raze’s arm… They were not going to let up easily.


“I was, but once I was released from the clinic I had to come find you. And with your family name, it’s not hard. I was not, however, expecting you to look so much like your grandmother… so… would you be willing to talk to me alone? It is about your family and is not to be shared with outsiders.” Kraig’s eyes fell to the ground as he waited for an answer.


“Sure, I’ll go with you… there is a pond by my place. If you’ve ever been there with my grandma then you should have no problem finding it.” Whatever Kraig had to say to me about my family I was going to listen.


“When should I meet you?”


“Tonight, I’ll go home then sneak out so that my parents don’t follow and freak out.”


“Perfect, It’s a date.”


Marquis took me home and practically begged me not to go see him, but I had to listen to Kraig. I cared about my family too much to say no. Besides if anything happened Marquis and Raze knew where I was going and with whom. Surely Marquis could like sniff me out or something if I ended up missing.


I ran upstairs and took off my prom dress in exchange for something more comfortable before sneaking out my window to meet up at the pond.



There he stood, he was actually quite good-looking once he was out of the mask. With how the moonlight hit him, his skin and eyes glowed.


“Belle you came, I was beginning to think you would not show.” He broke into a grin as soon as I got to the bottom of the stairs.


“Yeah, Why would I not show up? Just because you are a vampire?” I felt kind of giddy under his gaze.


“Actually, yes… most people are afraid of me once they know what I am, just take a look at your pets. They were ready to tear me to pieces?” Kraig looked at the water as I felt an overwhelming desire to hug him.


“My friends are just over protective because I am always being bullied by the supernaturals in school for being in the family I am in.” at that Kraig whipped his head around to glare through me.


“Your family has done more for the supernatural race than anyone in history. If anything you should be worshiped.” His anger just made me want to hug him even more. However, that is not what I did.



Nor how I expected it to end.


However before I became a gooey little mass of happiness, Kraig pushed me away gently.


“Before you get to involve with me. I must tell you, the whole reason why I was at Twin Brook. See I was unstable some years back and did some bad things if it were not for your grandfather I would have hurt your grandmother very badly.I was a very bad vampire, controlled by blood-lust and hormones. I was barely ever in a right frame of mind.” I placed my hand in his, and he gave it a squeeze.


He continued on, “I tried to hunt her, but once I saw her up close, I had to make her mine. When she refused me I went into a blood blinding rage. Luckily your grandfather stopped me from doing more than scaring her leg.”



I looked up at him with shock, “Those claw marks were from you? I thought that she was mauled by an ani-” I clamped my mouth shut after seeing his eyes mist over with hurt.




“She was…” Kraig refused to look at me anymore, and my heart broke for him.


He held all this in for so long, and now he was telling me about it… he… why was he telling me? My grandmother was the one who needed to hear this, and she was still alive, so why not tell her?


“Kraig, maybe you should go talk to my grandmother about all this, I’m sure she…”

“Do you think her heart would make it if I went and knocked on her door, looking the exact same as I did the day I attacked her?”


“No, you would scare her into an early grave.” I played with one of my braids in embarrassment.


“Don’t be embarrassed. I knew that it would be a bad idea. Once I saw you I thought I was going crazy again. You look so much like your grandmother, but it couldn’t be… You were the girl who wrote to me in the asylum, the only one who treats me like a good man like I was worth something.”


His words brought tears to my eyes and touched my heart. He was only a lost soul trying to find his way out of the darkness, and from what he was saying she was the one that was helping him into the world of light.



“If you had not been assigned to write to me, I don’t think I could have found the peace in my heart. You are just so loving, caring and compassionate… And gullible, naive, and stupid.”



As those words left his lips, my blood ran cold. His eyes hardened as his fangs glistened in the moonlight. The last thing I was seen were his red eyes lunging towards me before darkness took a hold of me.













Statice means remembrance.





I would like to apologize for the way I left this chapter off, and also issue a warning. The next few chapters will be dealing with some touchy stuff, Like super touchy, however, if you do plan on skipping over those chapters you can guess what happened pretty easily once I give the okay to read less touchy chapters.

Thank you, my dear readers, for continuing to read, I know I’m not the most constant person in the world, and tend to be very absent-minded. I am sorry that you have to deal with my forgetfulness just to read my story… but I’m much better than I used to be back in high school, so that’s a plus… Right?

I hope you enjoyed this chapter, and I also hope to get another post out soon.)


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I was born in '89 and have been addicted to Sims from "The Sims" days. I have always loved writing, and more than likely always will. I am very scatter brained, so sometimes I will need a push in the right direction to get a post out. But more than likely it is because I am having issues with the game, or lost in reading that I forget about a post. I tend to have a day here and there that I go a little download happy... and gotta go through them because of malfunctions. I am proud to call myself a NERD!!! I got the glasses and bun held by a pencil to prove it. But I am also very easy going, and love to chill with friends. If you ever just wanna geek out or want me to check out your site or something just drop me a comment or message me.
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13 Responses to 205 Statice

  1. yimiki says:

    Gods, I did NOT see that coming. Kraig again! What a plottwist!
    He is completely right in her being gullible and stupid, though. Sure, just go with the man that you’ve NEVER SEEN BEFORE IN YOUR LIFE, except for contact through letters, that came from an ASYLUM, without ANYONE to back you up in case things went wrong!

    Argh. Gods. Raven, go kill Kraig. That guy needs someone to deal with him. >=(

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I wasn’t expecting kraig to come back at all. I hope Bella’s ok. I can’t believe neither raze or marquis followed her though.


  3. noonibean says:

    Oh no, he’s so scary!! In addition to her Naivety, Craig must have had some sort of supernatural pull over her.


  4. EdenBlood says:

    I knew that creep looked familiar!!!!!
    *screams at Belle for being a complete and total idiot* Seriously, haven’t her parents taught her, YOU DON’T TALK TO PEOPLE YOU KNOW OVER THE INTERNET! ESPECIALLY WHEN THEIR SANITY IS QUESTIONABLE! She’s not very good at listening to advice…


  5. LaBlue0314 says:

    NO! NO! NO! You can’t leave me hanging like this……ARRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrr lol Please, don’t wait too long before an up date.


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