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Check it out

So I have decided to start a Simblr, and have already found I like posting tons of Simshots on there. I’ll give you a taste of what I post so you can choose if you want to visit it or … Continue reading

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Interior, And extras

Okay, So I got a little ahead of myself and moved everyone back into the house before taking screenshots, So you get to see a bit of everyone floating around… lol You will be seeing some of the same screenshots, … Continue reading

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Something to show you.

So I have not worked much on the next post. My internet has not worked right this past week, so I have been working on building The Ravenwood home. With barely any distractions I managed to build a house that … Continue reading

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204 Peony

Prom was just a week away, and I still had no word from Raze about wanting to go to prom with me. I could not put off anymore, so I told Marquis that I would love to go with him. … Continue reading

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