128 Alstroemeria

Belle Ravenwood

I wasn’t popular, or even a reject. I was friendly with almost everyone. So why don’t I feel like I have found out who I am yet?


Raze was the loner in class, the one person that I haven’t spoken to yet, but knew of him through gossip.


He was the only fairy that has ever had black wings, and the only one to be kicked out of his circle, and the only one that has ever been a loner.


The thing is, I liked to watch him.


The way his wings would twitch in aggravation anytime someone tried to talk to him, or the way his nose scrunched up when he was trying not to say anything. Even the way his ears twitched when everyone else thought he wasn’t listening.


He was never mean, but he never made an attempt to be nice either.


So when some supernatural boys were teasing me about being human and friends with hybrids, and Raze stood up to them; I was shocked.



After that he stood by my side, silently guarding me… I wanted to know everything about him. But how was I going to get him to talk?



About AliciaRain

I was born in '89 and have been addicted to Sims from "The Sims" days. I have always loved writing, and more than likely always will. I am very scatter brained, so sometimes I will need a push in the right direction to get a post out. But more than likely it is because I am having issues with the game, or lost in reading that I forget about a post. I tend to have a day here and there that I go a little download happy... and gotta go through them because of malfunctions. I am proud to call myself a NERD!!! I got the glasses and bun held by a pencil to prove it. But I am also very easy going, and love to chill with friends. If you ever just wanna geek out or want me to check out your site or something just drop me a comment or message me.
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9 Responses to 128 Alstroemeria

  1. Rose Eaton says:

    OOOOH! And I’m up to date in time for the vote…. *does victory dance*

    Now I just have to choose. Bummer.


  2. Rose Eaton says:

    I like Raze, I’m not sure I know enough about Bell yet though…..


  3. LaBlue0314 says:

    Raze is cute, but he does not look very thrilled in that last photo. lol


    • LaBlue0314 says:

      I almost forgot, you have GOT to keep him in the story please, and if it comes down to a vote between the three, I want my vote to go to the daughter.


      • AliciaRain says:

        LOL, Raze is cute, I will be doing little side bits about the spares, so the characters will be staying… they are to cute to just ditch.

        Slowly but surely my legacy is working it’s way into the whole town… lol


  4. AliciaRain says:

    Good thing I don’t have to pick, I just gotta wait for y’all to… lol


  5. kiratempest says:

    Great, now I don’t know who I’ll pick, I love all of them they’re all my favorites.


  6. EdenBlood says:

    Ah! Now I’m having a toss up between two characters!


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