104 The Ox-eye

I attempted to avoid Jorden and Ike after that, but it was proving to be difficult. Jorden volunteered to help with stage setup, so I talked the girls into helping out too.


It was awkward working on clean up duty with Jorden just looking up at me, opening his mouth, then closing it and looking away. I needed someone else there to distract me from embarrassing myself.


Then to add insult to injury Ike would come up to me and ask what we were doing, and why I wasn’t leaving his brother alone?

Screenshot-2 (2)

As weeks went by, this seemed to be the pattern of things. Jorden managed to start talking to us like a normal person, and I managed to start answering him like a normal person. Eventually, it was like an Etch-a-Sketch and the awkward moment of retarded blushing was almost wiped clean.

Screenshot-2 (2)

Even Ike started making appearances in the room.


Yeah, he still stopped me outside when he smoked to get on to me about something to do with his brother, but it happened a lot less.


Some days it felt more like he was picking on me rather than grilling me for hanging out with his brother.


I found that I really liked hanging out with them as part of my group. They added a nice touch of masculinity to poke at and/or ogle at.

I started inviting them over for study groups, Jorden got stuck bringing Brice with most of the time. I didn’t feel right kicking her out, so she studied with us.




Ava might even have a guy in mind for herself, now if she can just stop being so shy.


That was an awesome field trip by-the-way; we met Galan Reymont and Tessa McKean.



Two of the greatest actors ever, too bad we were going back to school, or I would have asked for an autograph.



My parents decided to leave me in charge of the house while they went on a vacation that weekend; I took that time to bond my growing group the only why I thought best… I threw a party.


And Brice invited herself… of course.








Now how did this happen?


(Which Copeland boy do you like so far?)


About AliciaRain

I was born in '89 and have been addicted to Sims from "The Sims" days. I have always loved writing, and more than likely always will. I am very scatter brained, so sometimes I will need a push in the right direction to get a post out. But more than likely it is because I am having issues with the game, or lost in reading that I forget about a post. I tend to have a day here and there that I go a little download happy... and gotta go through them because of malfunctions. I am proud to call myself a NERD!!! I got the glasses and bun held by a pencil to prove it. But I am also very easy going, and love to chill with friends. If you ever just wanna geek out or want me to check out your site or something just drop me a comment or message me.
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10 Responses to 104 The Ox-eye

  1. I like Ike. Im curious to know what his story is


  2. lovesstorms says:

    I’m with the rest….Ike. I sadly kind of like bad boys…if they are hot enough. 😉 Granted, if a guy is dating someone else, then I tend to shy away from that person anyway.

    Hmmm….so what is going on with that group at the end? Moving on to the next chapter. 🙂


  3. Rose Eaton says:

    Ike! Jorden should ditch Brice if he wants April… She’s too cool to be messed with and a rice will destroy her if she hook up with him! That last pose looks…. Messy! Drama drama drama


  4. ghekate says:

    “Girls love bad boys” is a phrase I hear all too often but in tv and movies the bad boy rarely wins the heroine although in books I do see the nice boys win. I like territorial guys. Not so jealous that they get mad at you hanging out with male friends but just enough that they will make sure to have an arm around you in public to show the world, “this is my woman!” lol. So I guess Ike. lol.


    • AliciaRain says:

      I find a lot of bad boys tend to have the stay away from me vibe, but really just want someone to like them for the Hotheaded dill hole they have a tendency to be.

      Granted not all bad boys ARE like that, but I have met quite a few like that myselF.


  5. amandralynn says:

    I’d say ike too


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