008 New Environment


I looked at the file; fear was still so strong in me that when I lifted my hand, it was shaking. My gut was telling me to pack up and move, far away from here. However if I asked my head, and my heart; both were going to disagree with my gut. There was so much I did not know about the world, and if I ran away I would never find out anything. The horrors would still be out there and I would not know how to deal with them. Then there was Brandon; I highly doubted he would be that willing to up and leave with me.

Taking a deep breath, I took the file.

“I’m not going to run from something that I don’t know. I am scared, though, and I might freak out about things. But will not run away.”

Piper smiled and looked down at Derrick, “I told you she was strong.”

“Winter, I am going to give you tomorrow off so that you can read over that file and when you come back, Piper will help you for a few days, but then you’re on your own.” Derrick smiled at me gently, “You’re going to do fine… It’s not all as crazy is it seems to be.”

I nodded, with no real emotion in it, and stood to leave.

“Winter,” Piper came over to me and hugged me, “If any of the supernatural beings bother you, I can be a very persuasive witch if needed. And I hope you’re not scared of me, I like hanging out with you.”


In that moment I knew I could not just push away what was going on in my life. I loved Piper; I could not abandon my new sister just because she was different. I am sure I shocked her, but I pulled her into a hug.

“I’ll still be scared, but I want to know how I can help.” I left them to their grinning.

Once I got home I found Brandon sitting in my yard waiting for me. I did not know how to handle this kind of situation. Panic slipped its way into my mind as I had flashbacks of Mr. Parker stalking me.

He must have seen the fear cause he waved sweetly and slowly stood up, “I was just wondering how your day was.”

“Well, I guess I got promoted, but I have to study up on the patients before I can actually work yet.” I scratched the back of my head and wondered how much he knew.

“Really, then we should celebrate… Let’s go out someplace fun.” Brandon clapped his hands together and gave a little hop.

“Really, like what kind of fun?” I unlocked my door and stepped in, Brandon followed.

“Well, I have heard of this club in town called The Brick House… we could go check it out.” Brandon grabbed my hand and whirled me around, “Just think, we could dance, and drink, and just have good old fun. It would be you, me, and the dance floor.”

“And lord knows how many va-…” I stopped myself, what if there were vampires there? What would it do to just mope about at home and hide for the rest of my life?

“Okay, I’ll go… we should have fun tonight. I mean I just got a promotion and I don’t ever do anything anyway. Let’s have a blast tonight.” I went to the bathroom to change into something nice, but not too dressy.

When I came out Brandon was sitting in my chair, “You know, I didn’t realize how small your house is… did you really move into this of your own choice?”


“Not really, I bought the land and built what I could afford at the time, but soon I want to renovate. With all the pay raises I’ve been getting I’ve been able to put more and more aside to build a nice house.” I patted the walls to my home with a smile, I never thought I would have gotten as close to my goal as I have in such a short amount of time.

“Okay, I see you like this place… but let’s ditch it for a few hours.” Brandon practically jumped out of the chair to bring me to his car.

Once inside the club, I froze when I saw long red hair whipping through the beads.


Man, Piper knew how to dance; and Derrick wasn’t bad either.

I had to see if we could out dance them two.


Brandon was an awesome dance partner; I mean, just look at him, right?

To make this night, even more, fun, Kelly, and Quintin somehow managed to find their way to this club too.


I think Quintin might have a thing for Kelly, and I was strangely okay with that.

After the party ended, Brandon came home with me, and things got a little heated. I was falling hard for this man. What was I going to do if he left me, or something awful happened to him? He became my wonderful hero for the second time.


Again when I woke in his arms I had a great feeling of joy and happiness. So waking up in a good mood was a given.


I sat up and stretched, I had a blast last night but now I needed to study.

The file was mostly how to tell what the creatures were; there was very little mention on how to treat the creatures.

The fact was that the biggest issue seemed to be for the vampires. They healed fast that much was true, but the issue was that it was too fast. Scars built up before anyone could treat said vampire.

Werewolves were easy; mostly cuts, bruises, and all that. The worst for them was the full moon; it was the time for them to stake claims and get into some nasty fights. Broken bones and torn muscles were often the cases the next morning.

Fairies seemed to not have a lot wrong with them, and if they did it was something normal treatment could help with. The file did say though that fairies were sometimes pesky little buggers that would play pranks on people; those were what we had to look out for. A witch was needed for such patients to counteract the prank.

Witches were the most human of the lot when it came to treatment and injuries; however, the concoctions that they made, not so much. Injuries caused by potions could be problematic if the ingredients and the spell were refused upon questioning by proper hospital personnel. There needs to be a counter spell and potion made and applied before proper treatment is applied.


I closed the thick file and sat back. I was sure that most of the special patients had to be vampires and werewolves; because according to Quintin sunburns were common enough, and the full moon created quite a few incidents too. I figured I could do my part by trying to find a way that vampires didn’t heal as fast so we could help clear up scarring.

I mean, really, who wants to live so long with that many scars building up? My alternative would be to find a working sunscreen for vampires. Amanda would like that being as she seems to get moody when she gets burnt.

I would need to get a chemistry lab sat up so I can work on what to do, but until my house was looking more like a home rather than a shed I would just work in the hospital.

Then my stomach heaved, and I ran to the bathroom to release what little there was in my belly. I thought for a minute, what was it my mother would say about sickness?

‘If you ever feel sick without your body feeling sick, you might want to test if you’re pregnant… or you have food poisoning.’


I almost tripped in the realization that we did not use protection. What if I was pregnant, how the on earth was I going to tell Brandon? I just got this new job position, what would Derrick and Piper say if I was pregnant?

I figured it would be easier to just ask Piper and Derrick if I was, and deal with it at that point; rather than hide it from a witch and a werewolf. My mind was making me so nervous that I got sick again.


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I was born in '89 and have been addicted to Sims from "The Sims" days. I have always loved writing, and more than likely always will. I am very scatter brained, so sometimes I will need a push in the right direction to get a post out. But more than likely it is because I am having issues with the game, or lost in reading that I forget about a post. I tend to have a day here and there that I go a little download happy... and gotta go through them because of malfunctions. I am proud to call myself a NERD!!! I got the glasses and bun held by a pencil to prove it. But I am also very easy going, and love to chill with friends. If you ever just wanna geek out or want me to check out your site or something just drop me a comment or message me.
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5 Responses to 008 New Environment

  1. sErindeppity says:

    Love the info about medical issues and the supernatural! Interesting twist on things :3 I love it, haha. And glad she had fun dancing! I forgot to say before how lovely Kelly looks~
    and lol at Derrick gettin’ dowwwwn with his bad self -laughs
    Ooooh a pregnancy!


  2. lovesstorms says:

    Uh-oh, just when things were going well in her career. o_O I love all the file about the supernaturals. Very interesting! Brilliant about the sunscreen. She should definitely go down that path. Awesome!


  3. Rose Eaton says:

    Blimey… That’ll shake things up. Brandon seems a good guy but that’s a big step. I love Pioer and Derrick together too.


  4. ghekate says:

    OHHHHH my goodness! *squeals* She might be preggo! Hurray! Could be problematic for the story but I love sim babies. 😀


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